"As the weak are devoured by his eye, the strong shall sit atop pillars of power. They gaze into the infinite darkness, lost in its mystery, while all else is consumed."


- Prophet Zerhathos -

When the Prophet heard the great void awaken, he knew it was his duty to carry on the message of magnificent destruction. He called upon devils of sound and noise to assist him in this ultimate ritual.

The sermons and incantations were performed successfully one after the other. They scared most, but a few understood the message, and the means to salvation. They were enlightened by the dark, and chose to live. They chose the cult.

And as the inevitable comes down upon every single one of us, those who were weak and afraid shall be consumed, while the strong will stand unfazed by the blackness of the sky.

Do you seek power? Do you seek salvation?

Will you join the cult?


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